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Z1-d Plus Personal Electric Scooter Segway Alternative for Kids and Adults

Z1-D Plus Electric Personal Transporter 

( Made to Specs to Meet and Exceed Customer Expectation )

((( Many Videos Below by Millard at Roboscooters and Customer Reviews )))
"Perfect for Kids and Adults"

We have many references available including Several Segway Dealerships who use our transporters on their tours ( they come to us and not china because of our quality ).  We personally own and sell these transporters and can work on them if necessary ( though the need rarely arises )

We at Roboscooters service what we sell and can usually answer any questions or concerns you may have about them, so feel free to Call, Text, Live Chat or Email us if you have any questions or concerns.  We are Here Before, During and After your Purchase.

Z1-D Plus Electric Scooters

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The z1-d plus uses very specific Motherboards, Servos and Motors cherry picked buy us at roboscooters in order to go above and beyond the safety ratings,  this obviously makes the units more safe and dependable with a slightly higher price than some of our competition that look very similar.  We do not manufacturer or design any scooters at Roboscooters.

((( Below is an A Customer how sent in his Review of the Z1-d Plus! )))

Shows how to operate and the functions of the z1-d Electric Scoter

( Buy 2 and save $250 on each transporter...$500 Savings...Just ask us for the payment request )

((( Don't Ride Alone!! )))

The Z1-D Plus has Been Redesigned with more features and upgrades including a Powerful 4000 Watt Motor, Reinforced Heavy Duty Axles, A lower Center of Gravity for a Better Handling and Driving Experience and a Retractable KickStand that Retracts by spring when you lean forward. ( Helps keep from breaking the kickstand if you leave it up and move forward ) ( it springs back up )

Lower Center of Gravity for a More Secure and Safer Feel

Remote Control can be placed on the Handlebar to view the functions of the z1-d plus.

((( Now with 21 inch Tires and Brushless Motor )))

Very Sleek, Sexy and Quiet

Here Below we have our 7 year old zipping around on the z1-d plus

( She has been riding since she was 3 so she is an expert )

The Z1-D can now Handle up to a 45 Degree Slope.  As long as it doesn't bottom out it will go pretty much anywhere you want to go including Extreme 45 Degree Steep Slopes & Soggy Muddy Terrain.   

z1-d Plus Segway riding at Night

Even More Waterproofing included with the z1-d plus segway alternative.  The entire transporter has been fitted with Rubber O Rings so you can comfortably ride it in the rain or through small mud puddles without damaging the transporter.

((( 21 Inch Tires )))

Soft Rubber for the Front and Rear Led Lights for more protection and a Sexier Look.

All New Height Adjustment Assembly for the Steering Shaft that won't strip out ( Clamp Style for Tighter Fit  )

KickStand Retracts up by Spring if you leave it down and then lean forward to go


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( Buy 2 and save $250 on each transporter...$500 Savings...Just ask us for the payment request )

((( Don't Ride Alone!! )))

Battery Samsung Lithium 72V.8.8Ah (70 units battery cells)
Max Load 150 KG or 330 lbs
Max Speed 20 KM/H 12.5 MPH
Max Time 3-3.5 H 
Max. Mileage 35-40 KM or 21 - 25 Miles
Charging Time 4-5 H
Voltage 100V-240V
Max Power 4000W motor with Heavy Duty Gearbox & Axles
Brushless Motor for More Energy Saving 
Tire Kenda tire 21 inchs ....shock-absorbent with a strong flange plate
N.W/G.W 52 KG/62 KG  ( 114 lb Actual Weight of Transporter )
CTN 880 *52*72 MM
Color Black, White, Red, Blue, Apple Green


 1. Very Specific Motherboards, Servos and Motors Cherry Picked by Roboscooters

2. Upgraded & waterproof ( Entire Body has Sealed Rings for Better water Proofing in Rain )

3. More powerful motors can guarantee performance in slope climbing, fast speed and overspeed backlash protection.... UP to 45 degree Slopes

4. Secure driving experience with outboard motors and a lowered standing level. ( Has a lower Center of Gravity for a Better Experience and Easier Driving )

5. High Impact and Shock resistance Over Sized Axles an Soft fenders that aren't cracked easily and Strong front and back covers. 

6. Designed with front and rear LED lights,... Has Headlights, Turn Signals,  Brake Lights and Emergency Backing lights.  ( see the videos )

7.  Spring activated kickstand that retracts underneath the transporter

8. Special anti-theft system and lock preventing aparatus

9. USA Servos & Motors... Only on the Z1-d Plus from Roboscooters

10.  1 Year Full USA Warranty on parts and labor

11.  24 hrs Service


The Z1-d Plus takes around 3 -5 Business days to get a tracking number and then are delivered in around 3-5 days by fedex express.  Please contact us if you have any questions or Concerns before ordering as we are here Before, During and After your Purchase.  

Free USA Shipping, all other Countries will need contact us about the Shipping Cost.  There are no Import fees on the z1-d Plus to the USA, all others will need to contact their local government or customs to see if there is an import charge or fee. ( Import Charges are your Responsibility )

After you complete checkout we will send you a follow up email within 24 hrs and ask you to confirm your color choice as well as shipping address and phone number for the shipper.

( How To Cut On and Off the Z1-d Plus and Button Operation )

Riding Shotgun with my 5 year old and 7 year old Children on the z1-d plus

( Not Recommended...We are very experienced riders )

Watch Below as a 5 year old whos only 52.5 lbs Rides around the z1-d plus


((( Standard Z1-D, Robin M1 and OB-2  Shown Below Here...NOT the Z1-d Plus )))

( Older video of standard z1-d )

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Free USA Shipping 

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( Buy 2 and save $150 on each transporter...$300 Savings...Just ask us for the payment request )

((( Don't Ride Alone!! )))